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Re: Tofu

In a message dated 5/1/98 5:22:26 AM EST, Allison wrote:

<< I am new to this list and I am wondering what is so great about Tofu.Isn't
it high in fat? If so, there must be some great things about it considering
that people who are concerned about fat consumption (fat free mailing list)
like it eat it so much. I would really appreciate info on tofu (differnet
kinds and ways to prepare it, and even what it is actually). Thanks! >>

First, let me welcome you to the list!  I've found the recipes such a great
help and the winners far outweigh the clunkers.

Then to what my kids affectionately call 'toad food' - you're right, it is a
relatively high-fat item by itself.  It is a product made of cooked soybeans,
with a similar consistency to soft farmer cheese.  The silken tofu has more of
a smooth, custardy texture.  The idea is to use the lowest-fat choice as a
small part of the meal rather than make it the main focus.  I like to blend
the lowfat silken as a vehicle for rich, creamy, dairy-free sauces and dips.
I used to finely crumble the non-silken and use it in place of ricotta cheese
in lasagna, too.  It has very little taste of its own, so it tastes like
whatever you add to it.  As a small component of a meal, tofu is a decent
source of calcium and the benefits of soy are many for cancer, etc., so long
as you carefully monitor the *total* fat content.  I would pass along some
recipes I recently posted using tofu and nutritional yeast but I haven't
gotten any feedback from the list....<HINT, HINT, PEOPLE!!>