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answers -- Banana Bread; celery

To Apryl <2brauns@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> who wanted to know how whole wheat flour
worked in the "Bonanza Banana Bread" recipe -- it works great!  I've made it
several times (as a loaf and as muffins) and either way they are moist and
very tasty.

To Rosemary <Rcaap@xxxxxxx> who wanted to know what to do with her "extra"
celery -- I cut each stalk into 1/4 inch slices and freeze them, first on a
baking tray and, once frozen, in a plastic bag. They are always ready when I
want to make soups or casseroles. Until I thought of this, I would buy a
bunch of celery, use one stalk and wait for the rest to decay in my frig.
This method is much better for me!