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Tofu/Protein and Beans

Thanks everyone,

I'm a bit shocked thinking tofu is a natural good food and I ate it quite a
lot as a major component of my diet. It's funny how things can appear to be
fatfree but really they are not.
Like my unbuttered bread, there I was eating unbuttered bread, thinking I'm
okay, and I wasn't.
Oh well, guess tofu is on the side only sometimes from now on........
We don't have skimmed tofu here in Japan unfortunatly.

Thanks for all your help and advice. I'm just wondering what do you all
fatfree vegetarians do to get enough protein in your diet?????Beans??
I'm a body builder and to get protein for me is very important.
I eat a lot of egg whites.
My body has 20% fat at the moment and I'm really trying to get it down more.

I also have another question......Can dry beans go bad? I had an old bag of
black beans soaked them, but when I tryed cooking them they would
NOT.........after a longtime boiling.........get soft.

The fat guide was great I'll use it from now on.

Thanks again for all your help,