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Re: Baked Potatoes skins

Yes, there is a problem with potatoes, but buying organic will solve it
easily.  Potatoes are one of the most highly sprayed food plants grown on
the market. Somewhere I read that the skins had a very high concentration
of pesticides -- perhaps this is what you were thinking of?  Anyway, like
the person below said, organic potatoes are available (though more
expensive).  They're delicious, though, and worth every single penny.

Another nice treat is organic red garnet yams -- they're delicious, but in
addition, they're the most BEAUTIFUL color!!!

Sandra Mort, who receives her weekly shipment of organic produce today
and is looking forward to itmore than she can believe -- I get CANTALOUPE
today!  Three of them! :)

> BTW, we always eat potato skins and have never had any ill effects. 
> Lots of good fiber there.  I do try to buy organic, however.  Perhaps
> your concern is when there is green under the skin.  That is solanin(sp)
> and the potato should be peeled before eating.  They get that from being
> exposed to light, either in growing or storing, so keep them in a cool,
> dark place.