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Unidentified subject!

While all of the recipes discussed on this list sound delicious to me, I'm a horrible cook, and not ambitious enough to try the complex recipes.  I ordered a cookbook from Prevention magazine's website, just got it today, and I love it!  It's called "New Vegetarian Cuisine" by Linda Rosensweig.  Most of the recipes are simple to make, and all are low-fat or fat-free.  We had a "breakfast for dinner" night; I made the Red Pepper Frittata (uses egg whites) and Rosemary Hash browns.  It was simple, delicious, and almost FF!  (I did use Pam in place of the olive oil she recommended.)  Anyway, if I can cook it, anyone can!

Now, a question.  What on earth is "dry" cottage cheese used for?  I bought some by accident, so I used it in a veggie lasagna.  It was horrid!  Dry and funny tasting.  So, what should I do with the rest of the cottage cheese?  Thanks in advance!