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Dear All,

Just to follow up after my question about sweetener in tea and 
coffee. So many of you wrote and told me about a product called 
Stevia and how different members of the list used this to sweeten all 
sort of things including tea and coffee.

Well I went on a search here in the U.K. looking for Stevia and most 
of the places I asked had never heard of it, even so called 
experts, well one of the last places looked it up and it turns out 
that it is a banned substance here in the U.K. even to imports etc.

Strange huh!

Also in defence of my use of Quorn in recipes, I understand now that 
more of the "aware" veggies look down on it as a meat sub because it 
is unkind to chickens. Well I did not know and I have no information 
on Quorn.