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question about the wonders of Tofu

Hi everyone, 
I am new to this list and I am wondering what is so great about Tofu.Isn't
it high in fat? If so, there must be some great things about it
considering that people who are concerned about fat consumption (fat free
mailing list) like it eat it so much. I would really appreciate info on
tofu (differnet kinds and ways to prepare it, and even what it is
actually). Thanks!    -Allison

On Thu, 30 Apr 1998, judyandjim wrote:

> Yesterday my husband was reading a pamphlet about the wonders of Tofu and
> it reminded me that we had bought some at the HFS along with the spices for
> burgers.  It was a winner.  I took Mori-nu firm lite low fat silken tofu
> and mixed it in one package of Fantastic Foods Tofu Burger all natural, all
> vegetarian mix and pan fried them in a non-stick pan (no oil) and they were
> really great!  Judy E. of AZ