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Vancouver Restaurants & Chai tea

I agree with all of Lisa's suggestions, and would add Sweet Cherubim on
Commercial and Hon's Wun-Tun House on Robson - the latter has a separate
vegetarian kitchen and they are very accomodating to specific dietary
needs. Vancouver truly is a restaurant lovers delight and as there are
many health conscious people here there is a real trend toward
lowerfat/fatfree and vegetarian menu items.

Does anyone have a recipie for Chai? It is the spicy Indian tea served
in most Indian restaurants. Recently "Chai lattes" have cropped up in
all the coffee houses around Vancouver and they are just delicious -
like drinking pumpkin pie! My understanding is that the base is black
tea with vanilla, honey, ginger and other spices. The tea is normally
served with milk - in the coffee houses they are steaming and foaming it
which makes it even more decadent. Thanks in advance.

Vancouver, BC