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This time a Surenamese recipe which originates from the Indonesian
island of
Java. About 10% of the Surinamese inhabitants originates from that
island and their kitchen has now its proper place in the Surinamese
kitchen. The original recipe is made with ch***n. You can buy saoto
everywhere in town as a snack in small eat houses called "warungs".
(But how long before KFC and MacDonald have taken over?!)
Saoto (pronounce "ao" as o in cow and "o" as o in pot)
I don't give measures, for this a recipe that you can cook for one
person or for twenty persons. I cook it as I get visitors, but I also
make it when I have some leftovers.
1. cooked brown rice
   green bean vermicelli (Chinese FS) keep it only two minutes in hot
water and drain well
2. steamed french beans
   cooked and sliced patatoes
   steamed cauliflower peaces
   steamed pumpkin or carrot cubes
   add any steamed vegetables which inspire you
3. sprouts (take the roots off - it is some work but it is looks
on your plate!)
    very thin cut raw white cabbage or chinese cabbage
    cut tomatoes
    finely cut raw sellery leaves
    finely cut green onions
    finely cut green bell pepper
    add any raw vegetables which inspire you
4. ketjap (miso)
   sambal: cook some red peppers with garlic (and salt ) in two or
three spoons of bouillon.
   Mix the sambal and the miso
5. tasty vegetable bouillon (I make it from cubes and add some
These are the preparations. For us onlu the bouiloon has to be
so we vcan do the preparations in advance
Now the eating. Put everything on a table and verybody makes his /
own arrangement.
1. Put the rice on a deep plate
2. Put some vermicelli over it
3. Decorate the rice and vermicelli with the steamed and raw
vegetables. Make it colurful!
5. Put the bouillon over it
6. Add sambalketjap to taste (We are used to hot food) Stirr careful
Have a good meal!