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FF Cheese...Again


  Not that I buy FF cheese often, but I was very disappointed to learn
today that Kraft FF cheese does infact contain fat.  No wonder it tasted
better than Healthy Choice :-(  I don't buy packaged foods often, but I
guess I'd better learn to read labels better than I had been!  So
basically, now that Healthy Choice is moving to LF, there aren't any
readily available options as these were the only two brands at my
regular grocery store.  Oh well, I know I'm better off without the dairy
anyway ;-)

Any recommends for vegan "cheese"?  What I've tasted in the past was
aweful, and most of the stuff I see at the HFS isn't FF.



PS:  I got the following info from  the "No Fat, No Nonsense HOMEPAGE"
at www.nofat.com  Checkout their Hall of Shame, it's amazing what isn't
really NO Fat!

                           Shame On You Kraft 

                Kraft Is The Worst Fat Free Offender!

     Millions of people mistakenly trust the Kraft name and
 simply get ripped off buying their "Fat Free" products. If you
   are trying to eliminate or control your fat intake DO NOT

                INGREDIENTS INCLUDE: Buttermilk & Butter

    Kraft Fat Free Cheese is anything but nofat

                             Fat Free Alternatives: 

       Healthy Choice Fat Free Cheeses are very good and really Nofat

If you are no seeing the results you expected from a Nofat Lifestyle,
maybe the food you are buying is not truly Nofat. There are good
companies working hard to make quality Nofat Foods, for your sake and
theirs please read labels.

If a product contains ANY Oil, Milk (except Skim), Cheese, Butter, Whole
Egg, Meat, Nuts, Coconuts, Poultry, or other ingredient that contains
more than 1 Gram of naturally occurring fat per ounce, it is not Nofat. 

A Nofat Lifestyle will improve your health. Be sure you get what you pay


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