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Breadless eating

Hi, all (especially Jennifer),

No bread, huh?  I sympathize - good bread is great stuff.  It's so great, you 
can kind of become enslaved to it!  I've been weaning myself slowly off of it 
ever since someone shared that bizarre thought with me.  And, yes, it does 
help you to lose weight because it forces you to look somewhere other than to 
food for your comfort!  (Unless, of course, you just replace it with a 
different food item. <wink>)

Breakfast can be plain fruit (fresh and delicious!) with soy or rice milk, or 
cold leftover grains with raisins or something else with sweetened soy or 
rice milk (yummy - like rice pudding) or even reheated with juice.  My big 
replacement for lunch sandwiches became leftovers.  Those are easy - just 
make too much dinner, deliberately.  If you have a microwave available to you 
so you don't have to eat it cold, you'll be surprised how many people ask 
what's cooking!  There are so many great grains around and most of them have 
the same old cooking instructions (3 parts water to one part grain, boil and 
then simmer 45 minutes) so it's easy to change old dishes to new ones.  Eat 
your favorite burrito fillings in a bowl instead of a tortilla.  Make a salad 
out of whatever you like in your sandwich.  I even read somewhere to try 
replacing grits as a side dish with oatmeal cooked in seasoned broth.  I 
haven't tried that one, yet.  There's polenta, which is ridiculously easy in 
a non-stick pan with a coated whisk.  And there's always browsing in the 
health food store and finding something altogether new.  

We're with you, Jennifer - you can make it!!!