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Cous Cous

Hi all,

Anybody got any good cous cous recipes?  I discovered on Monday that I did like cous cous after many years thinking I didn't (think I must have had badly cooked cous cous as it was quite slimy)

Also, how does cous cous compare to say rice, pasta and potatoes as a good and healthy accompaniment to salads/hot meals?

Also, what do other people do for lunches?  I work in a place with a canteen (fatal) and so I tend to eat a lot of jacket potatoes with salad and sometimes cheese in the potato.  We do have a salad bar which normally comprises of pasta salads, rice salads, potato salads, as well as poached salmon, samosas etc.  There is no nutritional information available for any of these so it is often guess work.  We also have a sandwich bar and I tend to have brown bread (or wholemeal if they have it) with pesto as a spread, a couple of slices of mozarella and some fresh tomato.  Any suggestions on how I can make this a bit healthier?  It seems a lot easier to be able to control my intake of fats etc at home for evening meals rather than here at lunchtime.