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Going Wheat Free and Spelt

For those of you who are going wheat free it may interest you to know that
SPELT is Wheat.  It is an ancient form of wheat as is KAMUT.

If you are allergic to wheat some people can get away with eating spelt or
kamut, but not all of us.  So be careful.

For those who are looking for more protein and no wheat try QUINOA.
According to all the literature I have read on it, it contains a perfect
protein compliment much the same as you would get if eating meat.

Should you choose to try it, do not forgo the rinsing process before cooking
this little grain... it is essential to wash off the saponin which is a
naturally occurring coating on the grain.  If you don't it will be bitter
tasting.  I use a large wire sieve for this and rinse it in a bowl until the
water runs clear. (takes about three rinses)

I use quinoa in place of couscous (same size and consistency) and for rice
for a change of pace.

Hope this helps someone,
Lynda Swink
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