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RE: Steamer

> My sister gave me an electric steamer for Christmas.  It says
> it does rice,
> too.  Can you cook brown rice in them?  Do you ever season
> the veggies during
> the steaming process?  Any veggies to avoid, or are any
> particularly good?
> Any other good ideas out there that I need to try?

Yup! Brown rice does QUITE nicely in a steamer, as long as it will do other
rice it will do brown as well. You can season the veggies during the
steaming process. It works well with fresh herbs. Just pop a leaf or two in
and let it steam. Things that are very hard, root crops and the like, are
difficult to steam although you can pre-cook them to a point in the
microwave and then steam them. Brocolli is WONDERFUL steamed...so green and

One thing I do is steam a variety of veggies together (you have to add them
one kind of a time, like carrots first, then cauliflower, brocolli,
mushrooms, finally tomatoes but only for a few seconds) and make a
"primavera" with beautifully steamed veggies. Season the "sauce" or the
noodles and leave the veggies au natural.