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Re: Asafoetida

Okay, I gotta laugh...dried latex that smells like pickled eggs.  Oh,
yum, ah-huh, diving right in there...seconds for me

[Ratan, I hope you know I am just having fun, and do indeed appreciate
the information.  Just coudn't resist.]


> Asafoetida is the dried latex from the rhizome of one
> of the several species of giant fennel. It is grown
> chiefly in Iran and Afghanistan from where it is
> exported to the rest of the world. Asafoetida is ochre
> in colour and the most widely used form is fine yellow
> powder or granules. Asafoetida has a pungent,
> unpleasant smell, quite like that of pickled eggs due
> to presence of sulphur compounds. Its powerful aroma
> complements lentils, vegetables and pickles. It is
> always used in small quantites and a tiny pinch added
> to hot oil before the addition of the other
> ingredients is enough to flavour a dish for 4 persons.