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Re: frying

I've recently had some success with a method suggested by the chef
Steve Raichlin. I don't have any of his cookbooks but I know that he
tackles a lot of lowfat stuff. For my chanukkah latkes (potato
pancakes), I used his recipe from the local newspaper, his pancakes
were not very dense or high so I don't think this method would work
for a very dense food and this method is not for stir fry stuff but it
was great not to have to stand at the stove and do all that
flipping. For the cooking part here's what he did:

1. Heat oven to something like 450 degrees with your baking pan
inside it. He used a nonstick pan, I used a foil-lined pan (for easier

2. When ready to cook, lightly spray pan with one of those nonstick
oils and put batter on it and put pan in oven immediately. Having the
baking sheet be preheated is like what I find in a lot of cornbread
recipes, it makes the crispy crust on the food you are cooking. (I
also preheat my pans when making pizza and them carefully slide the
pizza dough onto the pan.)

3. Before flipping pancakes over, spray *tops* with oil to that when
   you flip them, you effectively fry them on the hot pan.