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Espero poder ayudarte en Puerto Rico

To Ruth, que va a Puerto Rico,
Holy Cow!! (no, that's NOT what to eat)  However did
you find yourself in such a predicament?  I would feel
exactly the same way.
Anyway, some suggestions:
soy milk in aseptic packaging (it comes in handy
individual serving sized boxes)
boxed cereal
canned goods (especially fruit, beans) WITH can opener
nonfat crackers
jarred peanuts (pretend I didn't say that)
canned nonfat baked beans
spaghetti sauce? mixed with beans?
Carrots can go at least a day w/o refrigeration, and
apples even longer, bananas
dried fruit
My husband suggests nonfat dry milk, bottled water
Kashi cereals makes a product called Kashi Go! ,
individually packaged pre-cooked Kashi whole grain
cereal with various flavorings. If you search on Kashi
you can easily find their website, and they have a
sampler package you can order.  I got it once and
didn't like it well enough to order again, but it
could be just what you need. 
If you add these to other people's ideas, you might
just do OK!  Buenas suerte!
The soy milk/canned peaches with a pull top thing has
seen me through several delayed/cancelled flights; I
never pack a carry-on anymore without them (Did I
mention the plastic spoon?) 
If you could take a styrofoam or other cooler with ice
(or those things that you stick in your freezer to use
in coolers) that might provide you with additional
possibilities, at least for the first day).
I think there are some that you could carry on.

Let us know how you make out!
Laurie from Oklahoma

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