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Thanks for Puerto Rico Ideas

Thanks to everyone for the great ideas about what to eat during our 3 days 
without electricity and refrigeration.  The can opener will definitely be 
packed as well as the dried foods (if they let me in with them).
I knew I could get great ideas from you all, and now feel much less 
P.S.- I made chili yesterday with a package of chili mix and substituted TVP 
for the meat.  It was very good and I'm sure that most carnivorous people 
wouldn't know the difference.  As another meal I put it in a casserole dish 
that was lined with fat-free corn tortillas (as a crust) and then topped with 
ff american cheese and another layer of ffcorn tortillas as a top crust.  
Baked it for about 30 mins at 300.  It was very good.  You could also add 
some corn kernals for some more color.