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--- You wrote:
I made chili yesterday with a package of chili mix and substituted TVP 
for the meat.  It was very good and I'm sure that most carnivorous people 
wouldn't know the difference.  
--- end of quote ---

Hi.  I've been lurking on the list for quite a time now, hoping somehow that I could make life-style changes simply by reading the posts.  I'm beginning to accept that I'm going to have to do more than just read.  

I think I would like the chili mentioned.  What chili mix do you use?  And, more inportant, how do you use the TVP?  Is it necessary to reconstitute it first?  Then saute with onions as I would hamburger and add it to the mix?

I appreciate any suggestions on how to use TVP as a substitute for ground meat.  I'm really trying this time to eat healthier.  Next to stopping smoking, changing my diet is the hardest thing I have ever done.