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Pascagoula Style

Greetings. We enjoy your recipes on the web site. We are following the =
Ornish Diet and have come up
with some interesting recipes that we would like to share.

:-) etienne

Pasta Pascagoula Style

White wine=20
1 large onion chopped
8+ cloves of garlic
8 oz  fresh mushrooms sliced
1 fresh red  or green bell pepper chopped
1 12oz jar of marinated artichoke hearts (can also be marinated in fat =
free Italian dressing) Your choice!

Saut=E9 onion and garlic with white wine.=20
Add mushrooms and red bell pepper and saut=E9 with mixture
Add jar of artichokes with dressing
(small pieces of tofu optional in sauce)

Simmer on low.=20
Carefully add more wine or water for sauce if sauce reduces to much.
(Should not be cooked down to a dry sauce.)

Cook your favorite wheat pasta or we tried a mushroom pasta.
Place over pasta with your favorite parmesan cheese.

Bon appetite!

Great with a salad!

Happy New Year!!!!