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Re: Nuggets

Saw the Trader Joe's nuggets and while a worthy idea, the sodium is too high 
for my tastes so wanted to share how I make my own:

I use "chicken seitan" from Whole Foods--comes in a plastic container with 
"juice" that I drain (I also rinse the seitan to help avoid the sodium that 
the seitan contains).  I cut into nugget size, dump it into a large ziplock 
bag containing breadcrumbs (Whole Foods has a great brand, if you can find 
it, called Jaclyn's) and no-salt seasoning and bake at 375-400. 'til toasty.  
After a few minutes of baking, I use a spatula and move the nuggets around so 
they don't stick since I don't use any spray on the pan.  We dip in sauce, 
ketchup or just devour plain!