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RE: Steamers

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From: "Ruth C. Hoffman" <ruth.hoffman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: fatfree@xxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: June 28, 2000 3:28:39 PM GMT
Subject: Steamers

>I bought a small, very inexpensive plastic steamer at a >Japanese market/mall ....  It has 3 pieces: a dish about 7" >across, a perforated tray that
>sits atop the dish, and a domed lid with a small hole in the >top to release
>excess steam.  Goes in the dishwasher and the microwave, works >like a charm. ... All of the instructions are embossed on the >steamer in Japanese, but I found
>the temperature guidelines (the numbers are in Arabic numerals) >in Celsius,
>so I knew that it would stand both appliances