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RE: Peanut Butter

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From: Caroline Staub
Subject: Re: Peanut Butter

>>Trader Joe's sells a jar called "Better Than Peanut Butter."  I don't know
how, but they managed to reduce the fat content of a peanut spread.  It is
2.4 grams of fat for 2 tablespoons.<<

Caroline, just like with Jiffy or Skippy, they just take the oil out!
Trader Joe's is a better quality peanut butter, IMHO, but with any, if you
let it sit in a warm place, the oil rises to the top.  They might stick it
into a centrifuge or something <LOL> but it doesn't seem to be a hard thing
for them to do.  I find the reduced fat peanut butters taste more like the
texture of Reese's Cups' peanut butter. NUMMY!!!