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Joanna,In your search for better iron sources, keep this in mind:  Iron
is better absorbed when combined with vitamin C.
Some Iron rich foods:
Molasses  (have a friend who would "eat" 1 tbsp daily), figs, beets,
brown rice, whole grains, grapes, raisins, yams, almonds, and beans.
Some Vitamin C rich foods:
citrus fruits, cruciferous veg.s (broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts),
tomatoes and green peppers.

How about:
spinach/orange salad?
brown rice pilaf with slivered almonds and green peppers or broccoli ?
Minestrone soup containing cabbage and beans?
Spanish rice including brown rice, green peppers, and fresh

I thing you'll find that once you compile a list of iron and vit. C rich
foods, you can incorporate them into some of your existing recipies.
You will also notice those ingredients in new recipies so you can select
the ones that will benefit you.