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Re: Recipe: Salted Microwave Popcorn

How much is 2.5 liters in American  measurements?

>>> Barb Beck <barb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 05/17/00 05:45PM >>>


Hate to see people using paper bags when regular bowels do just as well if
you follow this recipe.  I am a hot-air popcorn person but here is what I
worked out - and it is even salted.  This pops almost everything in my
microwave (I think it is 900 watts)  You may have to experiment a little
with your machine. 

             Barb's Nuked Salted Popcorn

1. Place 1 Tablespoon of water and (optionally) 1 Teaspoon salt in 2.5
liter bowl with lid. (I use a Corning ware bowel) 

2. Place covered bowel in microwave and nuke for 2 minutes.  This gets the
bowl good and hot so the popcorn does not loose popping umph by heating
the bowel.  Do not worry about a little water condensed on lid or bowl.

3. Put in 1/3 C popcorn and nuke for about 5 minutes.

The popcorn will not be soggy - all the water evaporates.  If you like it
saltier add more salt to the water.  

Go rent a movie and have fun.


Barb Beck
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada