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Re: Cilantro

On Thu, 25 May 2000 03:19:41 -0700, you wrote:

>Hi Everyone !=20
>I have been reading this list for months and have seen so many recipes =
>with "CILANTRO" . I am in Australia and it is obviously called something =
>else here...'cause I can't find it anywhere !  If someone could help me =
>find out what it is , I would be eternally grateful !
>Thanks,   =20

   Cilantro is the fresh leaves of the same plant which
produces coriander seeds.  I've seen it called "fresh
coriander" and "Chinese parsley" as well as cilantro.  The
scientific name of this plant is:  Coriandrum sativum.

  It's much used in Mexican and other Central and South
American cooking, as well as in Chinese cooking.

  It's usually sprinkled on top of food after the food is
all finished cooking - at least that's how I use it.  It has
a distinctive taste, some might say an acquired taste.  My
husband think's it's awful, I love it.

  If you can get hold of some whole coriander seeds
(Oriental groceries here have these, and other spice/herb
suppliers), you can easily grow it by planting the seeds in
potting soil in a small pot, and keeping them moist.  When
they sprout, put them in a window sill and treat them like
any houseplant.  They "bolt" - change form and go to seed
and become inedible - very quickly so as soon as they have
lots of kind of fluffy-looking (serrated) leaves, the leaves
should be clipped and eaten.

  BTW, can you check the options in your mail program and
get rid of the HTML codes which follow your messages?