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Hi.  You wrote:
I have been reading this list for months and have seen so many recipes =
with "CILANTRO" . I am in Australia and it is obviously called something =
else here...'cause I can't find it anywhere !  If someone could help me =
find out what it is , I would be eternally grateful !

Cilantro is coriander.  Here is an excerpt from an oxylist post regarding cilantro:

"Cilantro and Coriander come from the same plant.....cilantro refers to the
leaves.....coriander to the seeds.  They do indeed have very different
tastes.   The Latin name is Coriandrum sativum."

They were talking about it in the context of chelation of heavy metals, lead, mercury, aluminum, out of the body.

Mary Johnson / Kalispell, Montana