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How to love Cilantro

I hated the stuff, but many recipes called for it.  I started with one
leaf and worked my way up to loving the stuff.  I do like to try new
things, and if you can't acquire a taste for some of the ones that are
unfamiliar to you, you are missing a lot!

Today I am taking a picnic and going up into the Catskill mountains with
friends.  I am bringing the food...  all vegan, and fat free:
Fiesta Black Bean salad from Dr. Neil Barnard's, book FOOD FOR LIFE, 
Tabouli salad made from the Near East mix ,with added touches of home
grown mint and garlic
Fresh veggie salad of tomato, red onion and cucumber with cilantro from
my home grown pot, dressed with Roasted Garlic Flavor seasoned rice
Dessert is Orange Rice Pudding.

That should make a nice menu.  The salads are loaded with fresh
vegetables and are really delicious.