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cellophane/bean thread noodles

jaana was asking about pasta dishes - i've always loved cellophane noodles (made
of mung beans) that you buy at the asian market - better than the kind from
health food markets, i think, but both are likely good.  i personally like them
a lot better than rice noodles.  in any case, they're ff, and i just got some
veggie hoison/plum sauce (didn't know all weren't veggie) which does have sesame
oil on the label but negligible amounts, apparently, according to fat content.
last night i mixed an asian chile/garlic (red) sauce with the hoison and noodles
and it was so good - i have also made moo shoo vegetables with tofu, noodles,
pancakes you can buy frozen from the asian market, etc.  to the dish last night
i added cabbage and sprouts.  i grow my own sprouts and they're great in pasta
in general, specifically so far mung bean and lentil and pasta - i haven't
experimented with others yet and don't think alfalfa would work . . . i do this
with tofu and an asian sauce.  hope this helps!