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Making it through the holidays

This time of the year one can go crazy trying to keep on an
eating plan.  My strategy is to trust NOBODY.  At parties I
drink nothing but plain or flavored club soda and eat only
what I bring to the party.  Even if my host or hostess
insists that I eat such-and-such (it has so little fat!) I
plead a medical exemption.  When alcohol is foisted on me I
explain that I'm on a medicine that does not allow for
alcohol, not even the tinest bit, so sorry, it looks
wonderful but I can't have it.  Most medicines nowadays
have that disclaimer, so don't be shy, use it when you have

Pasta is another life saver.  Did you know that it is salt
that keeps pasta from sticking together after it is cooked,
not oil?  It's true.  Oil isn't needed.  Some nice pasta
with a no fat sauce is a perfect way to make sure that
you're full at a party.

Use some sense and you'll come out of this season still on

Happy holidays!

Beverly Kurtin
My Food Coach