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Yup, Sunny, not all soy beans are created equal.  The culprit in the roasted
ones is the oil they're rosted in.  The important thing, and this is
something I keep trying to knock into my niece's (38 and living with her mom
and me) mind is to READ THE LABEL before purchasing anything.  And just
because something is sold in a "health food" store doesn't make it healthy.

Harping on my niece for a moment, she is a very intelligent woman, yet she
has her voluntary blind spots when it comes to reading labels.  She has a
real problem with sugar affecting her skin.  Yet she blithely downs up to
two liters of Coke a day without realizing she's killing herself.

I finally got her to READ the label.  She deliberately misread it while we
were talking.  She read the sugar content in an eight-ounce serving and
said, "so?"  I then pointed out that she was drinking Coke from a 24-ounce

She's still destroying her body with the sugar because she doesn't WANT to
understand.  I wonder how many of us (I'm including myself here, of course)
are doing the same thing in other ways?  We've got our blind spots that
sabotage our weight loss plans.  Sigh...wish they made glasses for that.