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Sunflower Seeds, Roasted Soybeans, etc.

Well, we learned yesterday that roasted soybeans contain sufficient fat to be 
concerned about eating too many of them.
I have now purchased a package of no salt added sunflower seeds that are even 
higher in fat because they too are roasted in oil.  
"I thought" I had purchased "natural" sunflower seeds until I got home and 
read the teeny tiny nutritional label with my magnifying glass (the eyes are 
going and I didn't have my specs w/me at the store) and,
WOW! lots of fat! 
So, my friends, as our friend and fellow list member Bev Kurtin has stated, 
"read labels."
I do ... I am an inveterate label reader (for the most part).
Must read labels, plain and simple. 
Don't assume anything, and don't assume because something is purchased at a 
health food store that it must be good for you, not always so.