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RE: blood to purify wine

Sounds like a hoax or something.

However, from a vegetarian standpoint...

"With wine, it is again in the fining process that animal derived
ingredients make an appearance. Finings can be isinglass, gelatin, egg
albumen, modified casein (from milk), chitin (derived from the shells of
crabs or lobsters) or ox blood (rarely used today). But alternatives do
exist in the form of bentonite, kieselguhr, kaolin and silica gel or
solution. Also newer methods such as centrefuging and filtering are
becoming more popular. The majority of organic wines do not use animal
derived finings - but some do, Thorson's Organic Wine Guide by Jerry
Lockspeiser and Jackie Gear, lists those wines which are suitable. You
might like to note that the Wine Development Board claim that the fining
agents are removed at the end of the process with the possible exception
of very minute quantities."

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