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I am going to make seitan for the first time from a box mix!
Okay, I get it that I cook it in the liquid for awhile and then slice and store it in the fridge in the cooking liquid. My questions are: How long can I store it in the fridge? If I want to freeze it, can I? And how do I do that, still in the liquid? And does that affect the cooking time/taste? Also there is a recipe on the side of the box for Seitan burgers that involves cutting up the seitan and mixing it with onion, and oatmeal and stuff and cooking it in a pan. Is the seitan slice not good as a burger? I would really like to recreate a fabulous "meaty" burger like the ones I get at Caseys or Licks, something like Yves Burger burgers. Any help would really be appreciated! :) Also when you see a recipe that calls for seitan can you use any form of seitan? I see all these interesting patties and slices and balls at the HFS, can I use these, or is that different from what I will be making from the box?
I really need some guidance! Thanks.

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