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BK Veggie Burger


I know that this has been a popular topic, but fast food has been pretty
slow in offering anything remotely healthy and/or vegetarian, so I can see why everyone's excited. I do know that some Burger Kings were offering a Spicy Black Bean burger way back when (I always assumed that this was the Morningstar Farms version), and I was wondering if anyone heard if they were going to start doing so again.

I know Burger King was concerned about soy allergies, so they used a more vegetable-based burger, but some of us can't eat mushrooms! I'd love to support a veggie whopper, but I can't eat the one that they came up with. If they brought out the blackbean burger locally (it was never available around here), I'd be first in line to get one. And I know plenty of meateaters who eat blackbean burgers, because they're so tasty. Does anyone have contact information to make such a request from Burger King?

Sometimes I wish that everyone didn't simply assume that mushrooms were a major component of all vegetarians' diets...

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