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Fat Free Angel Cake

Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 23:25:50 EDT
From: SHo9505527@xxxxxxx
Subject: Sugar-free Angel Food Cake
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Does anyone have a recipe for sugar-free angel food cake? I know that 
you can 
just buy them, but I'd rather make my own. Thanks in advance and you 
e-mail me directly at sho9505527@xxxxxxxx Thanks again, Shannon
I've been attempting my own recipes with this Angel Food Cake, with
limited success. In further research at the Splenda sugar replacement
website, it says that the sugar provides the structure to the cake
(even with the cream of tartar) and my experience proves this correct! 
Please post to the list any successes with this that you may have! Mine
have always flopped!  Much appreciated!!

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