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Fast food and veggie burgers

This topic is just bringing some of us out of the woodwork, isn't it?

The funny thing is, Burger King had NO options for lowfat or vegetarians
or even seafood only eaters!  Maybe that has changed since the last time
I was there.  I went with my husband, he was worried I wouldn't find
anything to eat -- and he was right!  McDonald's has a selection of salads,
as does Wendy's and many other fast food places.  Some of them have
baked potatoes.  Some have fried fish sandwiches if you can handle the
fried and the fish (that's really stretching it).  But Burger King held to its
name -- BURGERS.

So I guess it is a step in the right direction to get a veggie burger.  And
at least we can scrap the sauces off if we get stuck eating there some day.

I doubt their veggie burgers have any more fat than any veggie burger in
any restaurant (lots of them have cheese pressed into them).