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There are some great new cookbooks that I've been drooling over.  You might
want to put some on your holiday wish list or buy them as gifts.  Since I
work in a library I get to see lots of new cookbooks.  When I started
following the Ornish Reversing Heart Disease program a few years ago I
bought many fatfree cookbooks.  Now I'm comfortable revising recipes and am
buying a few others.  I'm a foodie, and that description includes being
addicted to recipes and cookbooks.

The new cookbook that I decided that I really had to buy is Deborah
Madison's "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone."  It is a very complete look at
vegetarian cooking from the basics to the more complex with over 700 dense
pages.  The cover says that it has over 1400 recipes. I bought mine from
Amazon.com because their price was very good. 

I decided to pass up Diana Shaw's "The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook" since
there must be some limit to the number of cookbooks I own, but I found this
recently published book at Marshall's yesterday at a nice savings.  Shaw
has written several vegetarian books.  Marshalls also had "The Moosewood
Restaurant Low-fat Favorites" cookbook, at a nice discount, but I already
own that.

The cookbook that is going on my Christmas wish list is Shirley Corriher's
"Cookwise:  the secrets of cooking revealed."  This is not a vegetarian or
a fatfree cookbook but has 230 recipes with an explanation of why cooking
techniques work and why they don't.  She looks at food from the
technical/chemical angle.  The first 99 pages cover breadmaking.  have it
out from the library and will have a hard time returning it.  This book is
not for the beginner and many on this list might be turned off by all the
fat and meat recipes, but I?m impressed with the cooking and baking
lessons.  For instance, she makes a comment that lots of substitutes can be
used for the fat in cookies, but if you want crisp cookies you have to keep
some fat in them.

Another book I bought a few months ago is Cheryl Sindell's "Cooking without
recipes."  This is not vegetarian or fatfree, but Sindell is a R.D. who
tries to cook quite healthfully.  She has many good ideas on how to combine
foods and throw away all of the cookbooks mentioned above.