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Re: Cucumber salad

    This is one of my favorites from childhood.  Mother (age 86) always
made it without sugar and no salt or pepper.  I peel the cucumber(s),
slice them, put them in a bowl with regular white vinegar and water,
then stick them in the fridge to cool.  You need to dilute the vinegar
with water so they aren't to sour tasting.

    Lois J

> Hi Michelle,
> This sound like my  mother's Cucumbers and Vinegar sans the cilantro.
> She
> was 97 when she passed away last year and I think she got the receipe
> from
> her mother.
> 2-3 cucumbers sliced and peeled
> vinegar
> sugar (optional)
> salt & pepper
> water
> icecubes
> Make 1 hour ahead , if possible.  Slice cucumbers and put into a bowl.
> Pour vinegar into bowl to cover about half of  cucumbers.  Add water
> just
> to top of cucumbers.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Put 7 or 8 ice
> cubes
> on top.  (Can add a little sugar if you like.)
> Serves 3-4
> Doris Stowe Weber