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new pans

karen and all -
I'm new to this list, so greetings to everyone! : )   My suggestion for new
pots and pans is Cuisinart cookware...its stainless steel with a copper
"sandwich" disk bottom which allows for quick and even heating and is, of
course, quick to cool down too.  No need to use high heat setting (except
for boiling water) because copper is a superior conductor of heat (so saves
energy ; ))  I must admit - I've only got one pan right now, a two quart
saute...but as my budget allows I'll definately be getting more.  It's
actually not too expensive - I think I paid about 40 dollars for my two
quart...less than Calphalon or All Clad which are wonderful too but why pay
so much??  I'm in love with my cuisinart and so's my hubby!  Oh yes! the
handles stay cool, it can go into the oven/broiler and its very pretty to

>I'm also in the market to buy a new set of pans.  Does anyone have any
>favorites for cooking all our delicious vegetarian recipes?
>thanks bunches