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Clay Cooker - Veggie Recipe

I threw this together and yummy in the clay cooker.

	Potatoes & Corn in a clay cooker

Sit top and bottom of cooker in the sink and fill top and bottom & sink
& let .
sit for 15 minutes.

	Yukon Gold Potatoes : cubed - bite size
		(enough to fit in your cooker)
	1 big onion - chopped finely
		(vidalias were great but any onion is fine)
	1/2 bag of frozen corn (or as much as you like)
	2 -4 cloves of garlic, diced
	Optional spices: thyme, rosemary, ground pepper, liquid butter

Drain your top & bottom, no need to dry, spray lightly with non-stick
cooking spray.

Throw in all your ingredients. Toss around to mix.  If desired your can
pour a little LIQUID butter buds on and toss.

Put on lid and place in COLD oven. Turn oven on to about 250 for 5
minutes, then turn up to 350 for 5 minutes then up to 450.  Remove after
20-30 minutes at 450.  Delicious!

Main dish for me, side dish for my SO.

CLEANING:  I use baking soda and the scrubby side of the sponge or a
veggie brush, rinse with clear water and let dry with top and bottom
apart from each other.