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FW: Australian restaurants

To Sandy,

Good luck with your restaurant list - In Melbourne we have the "Dining
Advice Line" (phone 9521 2600).  They did not know of an equivalent in
Sydney, but suggested trying one of the local Good Food Guides.

As for Melbourne restaurants.  I have tried Wild Rice.  It is small, so
don't bring a crowd.  The food and atmosphere are good, and the location
is serviced by buses, light rail and trams.
There is also Gopals (Hari Krishna run restaurant) in Swanston St (In
the central business district).  It is upstairs, open for lunch only,
cheap and fairly down market.
The dining line suggested Shakari - 201 Faraday St, Carlton and the
Vegetarian Adventure, 665 Nicholson St, North Carlton.  Their third
choice is the Vegibar at 378 Brunswick St in Fitzroy.  Carlton and
Fitzroy are the other side of town from me, but are both easy to get to.

Most restaurants have smoking and non-smoking areas, there are a
significant number of restaurants with pavement areas in St. Kilda (a
suburb of Melbourne - 10 mins by car away, popular area for tourists).
Most restaurants have vegetarian selections (but not alot cater for
vegans - except by request.

Hope your friend enjoys our country