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A Challenge

My daughter is going to be with my ex for Christmas, so new hubby and I
are taking a room in a rustic lodge the night after Christmas.  We will be
escorted to our room in a horse-drawn sleigh.  The room has a real
fireplace and propane heat.  There is cold running water and no
refrigeration.  In the morning we'll get continental breakfast and
horse-back riding....ooh I can't wait. 

Our problem is this...they use an Italian restaurant to cater meals for
the "romantic" dinner in your room.  When we looked at the menu, it
was clear that not much was going to fit our diet..loaded with meat
cheese or drowning in olive oil.

We're thinking of bringing our own food, but are perplexed as to what
we should bring.   My husband thought about foil dinners. We'd just throw
some veggies in foil and cook them in the fireplace, but I'm not to sure
about that idea...I thought about picnic stuff and we tossed around the
idea of just ordering the pizza w/out cheese and some salad.

Any ideas are welcome!