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Re: FATFREE Digest V97 #292

>From: "TODD ALLEN SCHROEDER" <tschroe3@xxxxxxxxxx>
>3. Help!!
>  My parents recently moved to a little community just the PA side of
>Willmington Delaware.  They live just a few miles from the University
>of Delaware in Newark.  Does any one know of any good restaruants
>around this area.  Over the holidays I will be spending a few days
>with them, and they, as I have seen people before say, SAD eaters and
>I have trouble when everyone else wants to go out to eat.  Any
>sugesstions would be appreciated

Kennett Square, by chance? (I grew up there, which is why I ask.) If so, I
must say, you couldn't be in a better place. =-) Mushrooms are the big crop
in Kennett (and in surrounding areas), so you can get them almost everywhere
you go. Also, that area is generally pretty friendly, and people are pretty
accomodating. I think you'll find people are willing to "go with the flow."

Also, if you are willing to travel a little, you could suggest a trip up to
Chinatown in Philadelphia (it's about 45 minutes to an hour drive). If you
go there, I strongly recommend either Singapore (which is on Race, between
10 and 11) or Cherry Street Vegetarian (also between 10 and 11th). Both
places do oil-free cooking, and Singapore actually knows who Ornish his, and
has his book on display.

If I can help any more, feel free to email me directly.