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Newark, Delaware

On Fri, 12 Dec 1997 03:19:00 -0800,Todd wrote:


>3. Help!!
>  My parents recently moved to a little community just the PA side of 
>Willmington Delaware.  They live just a few miles from the University 
>of Delaware in Newark.  Does any one know of any good restaruants 
>around this area.  Over the holidays I will be spending a few days 
>with them, and they, as I have seen people before say, SAD eaters and 
>I have trouble when everyone else wants to go out to eat.  Any 
>sugesstions would be appreciated
  I live in Newark, Delaware, home  of the University of
Delaware.  "Sinclair's Cafe" on Main Street in Delaware
is a veg-friendly restaurant (no liquor license).  
Newark has a wonderful (for the size of the town)
natural food store:  Newark Natural Foods (formerly
Newark Co-op) in a very small shopping center just
behind Main Street.  90 East Main Street (located,
surprisingly, at 90 East Main Street) is another veg-friendly
restaurant (serves wine and beer).  There ain't much here,
actually....or if there is, I'm not aware of it.   THOUSANDS (I
exaggerate but not by much) of pizza joints...apparently, the 
students consume tremendous amounts of pizza....Good luck!
Pat Meadows 
Pat Meadows