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Re: Flexible cutting mats

I'm way behind on this but I was just reading the December 1997 issue of
Consumer Reports.  In an article on handy kitchen gadgets for under $30, 
they mention flexible cutting mats some of you were looking for awhile ago.

Here's what they say:
These thin plastic cutting mats are 
inexpensive, take little space, and 
effectively protect countertops 
when you're doing light chopping
and cutting. They're a convenient
way to keep a separate cutting
surface for {different items}
to prevent bacterial contamination
of other foods. They're lightweight,
easy to store, and bend into a funnel
shape to pour chopped foods into a
bowl or cooking pot.

Chop & Chop Flexible Cutting Mat
$2 - $6, depending on size
New Age Products - 800-886-2467

I just called the company and they
are available (in this area, so
probably others) at Walgreens
and Lechters
or by mail from them for $1.00 shipping:
small (7 1/2" X 11 1/2") - $1.99 each
medium (11 1/2" X 15") - $3.49 (their most popular)
large (sorry, missed the size) - $4.99.
And they are Dishwasherproof!

I ordered 3 and the shipping is just $2.50.

Natalie in Milwaukee
(with no interest in this company - just a kitchen gadget junkie)