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RE: Mashed potatoes

Hi all, and especially Sandee!

Here's a great idea for using your leftover mashed potatoes:
Mix in some spices at your own choice; tandoori masala, chili, paprika
etc, and use a cookie-spray(??!) to spray small amounts of mashed potatoes
to a plate, and bake in oven until crisp and golden!
I can't remember the english word for what I mean by a cookie-spray, but
it's a cone-shaped bag in which you (usually) can put your whipped cream
and then make some topping on a cake! Did anyone understand that at all? 
Anyway, the mashed potatoes become almost like chips, and they are very
tasty. I've also tried putting different kind of vegetables on the plate,
and then spraying mashed potatoes around them before baking - great too!

Claus Rasmussen