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Re: Yummy pancakes and camping ideas

>We're going camping over christmas and would love some good ideas on easy
>food to make with minimal fuss and minimal cooking.  We will be staying in
>one site and will have power, but don't want to have to do any major
>cooking if I can help it.  So any quick, easy, healthy recipes would be
>appreciated.  And of course, as I'm in Australia it will be hot!!  So I
>don't need warming up recipes, more like cooling down ones!

For breakfast, I would think cereal, raisins or dried cranberries, and
reconstituted powder soymilk.

For lunch, a sandwich with hummus or vegetables or other fillings.

For dinner, I would still reccomend beans and rice.  Even though they heat
up the place and the body, they are good protien after a hards days camping.

I also keep fatfree granola or some other snacks for during the day, as
well as plenty of water


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