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Yummy pancakes and camping ideas

Hi all,

Thanks for all the great recipes - I just made the cottage cheese and
pineapple pancakes which were posted a few days ago - yummeee!

We're going camping over christmas and would love some good ideas on easy
food to make with minimal fuss and minimal cooking.  We will be staying in
one site and will have power, but don't want to have to do any major
cooking if I can help it.  So any quick, easy, healthy recipes would be
appreciated.  And of course, as I'm in Australia it will be hot!!  So I
don't need warming up recipes, more like cooling down ones!


Annabel Gregory     
(Quilter and Occupational Therapist)   ^^
Perth, Western Australia               >< (
kudu@xxxxxxxxxxxx                     (  ))                 

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