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We made fatfree latkes yesterday and just as many of them got eaten as
when we made them the more traditional way.  Everyone has seconds and
even thirds so they were a hit.

Potato Latkes

6 Potatos
1 onion
4 egg whites
1/4 cup matzoh meal ( or flour)
salt & pepper

-  Peel potatoes and shred in food processor.

- Remove potatoes & squeeze water out of shredded potatoes.

- Shred onion in food processor.

- Add all ingredients in processor and process until well mixed
using steel knife.  (Note: I don't do this step - I leave them shredded.)

- Fry in nonstick pan until golden brown using a small amount of cooking

- Serve with applesauce and fatfree sourcream.
kwovo ovo

Natalie in Milwaukee